Hello everyone, my name is Alessandro A Tannur, usually called Ale. I’m originally from Kupang, NTT and now I’m 12 grade of science in MARSUDIRINI BOGOR HIGHSCHOOL. Now I will share my experience while in the dorm and also what is the different between living in the dorm and home. In the dorm it was very fun, enjoyble, and not boring. Maybe early when we just entered the dorm we were confused about what to do and also didn’t get many friends. But after knowing a lot of people there, not only in our class but we can also interact with others. Time feels so fast for me in the dormitory, because we’re always together, if we are bored, we can do many activities such as playing cards, telling stories, playing football, basketball, table tennis, and many more.The difference that I feel is the time that I spent with my friends. Because of covid so we have to learn from home. Indeed, we can still contact each other by telephone but there are something missing if we don’t meet in person.So it will be more fun if we’re in the dorm because you can be together.

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