In addition to the body that needs physical nourishment, the soul needs spiritual food. In order to give the spiritual need, SD Marsudirini Bogor organizes a virtual retreat for 6th grade students. This activity was held on Friday, March 19, 2021.

The theme of the retreat is “To be Bright in The Middle of the Family in The Pandemic”. The goal is to make students as bright in the middle of the family. This means, students become the carrier of happiness for his family.

Father Ephipanius Maria, CSE became the preceptor of this virtual retreat. Through his guidance, the students are directed to become the carrier of the joy. Finally, every family will be full of joy.

Father Ephi started by inviting students realize that they are a person who belongs to God. God loves them through parents and teachers. So, every student should be happy because God loves them.

However, sadly the students became distant from the Lord because of sin. The students tend to be lazy, naughty, and disrespect. Father Ephi invites the students to repent so that the relationship with God has returned harmoniously.

Finally, the students are invited to build new spirits and new lives. Life is based on love. Life is filled with goodness. To support the spirit, Father taught the students to meditate. Meditation is one of the very kind and focal types of prayers.

This virtual retreat is really a very important moment. In the moment many people experience distress c of the pandemic, the students are invited to build a spiritual spirit. They are expected to be bright and blessing for families and others.

Dionisius Riandika

Indonesian Teacher at Marsudirini Bogor

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